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Why Linux is NOT Better.com

O texto não é meu, por isso nem traduzi e coloquei o link para a origem no final, mas vale a pena conferir.

Forget about viruses. I think we went over that already.

Is your system unstable? Who knew. When a system doesn't do anything, it doesn't crash. Oops, there goes NFS. Locked desktop. Oops I changed my IP address. Locked desktop.

Linux protects your computer. What does that even mean? It sounds the same as the first one.

Don't pay $300 for your operating system... but spend 10 weekends setting it up.

Freedom! Yes, free yourselves form the shackles of sanity.

When the system has installed, why would you still need to install stuff? Because the person that creates my OS can't possibly package everything? Duh?

Update all your software with a single click... as long as you only want the selection and the versions that your distro provides. Don't you dare visit upstream websites.

Why copy software illegally if you can get it for free? Why spend hours making free software barely work when you can pay $50 and get on with your life?

Need new software? Don't bother search the web, Linux gets it for you... only if your distro has packaged it. Need software that's actually useful? Don't bother searching the web. It's not there. If it's even remotely useful, then your distro has probably already included it in a sad attempt to match the functionality of other platforms. Need legal dvd playback? playback of DRM'ed files? FAIL.


Fonte: http://linuxhaters.blogspot.com/

Published terça-feira, 15 de julho de 2008 23:01 by Paleo

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