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SMB Top 150 novamente!

Pelo segundo ano consecutivo fui eleito e estou MUITO feliz. Matéria original abaixo:

It’s Finally Here…the SMB Nation Top 150 List Revealed!

It’s the moment you have all been waiting for…the SMB 150 Channel Influencers list has been released…and (drum roll, please) this year’s winners have been revealed (in alphabetical order, by First Name)...

Aaron Booker

Ahsun Saleem

Alan Helbush

Alex Rogers

Alistair Forbes

Allen Miller

Amy Babinchak

Amy Luby

Andy Goodman

Andy Trish

Anurag Agrawal

Arlin Sorensen

Arnie Bellini

Austin McChord

Barbara Dove

Ben M Johnson

Bill Hole

Bob Godgart

Bob Penland

Bradley J. Dinerman

Brian Sherman

Carl Mazzanti

Carlos Fernando Paleo da Rocha

Carlson Colomb

Chris Amori

Chris Bangs

Chris Chase

Chris Smith

Chris Sterbenc

Chris Timm

Chris Wiser

Christy Sacco

Cindy Bates

Corey Simpson

Curtis Hicks

Damian Leibaschoff

Dan Sturgill

Dan Wensley

Dana M. Epp

Dave Foxall

Dave Seibert

Dave Sobel

David Bellini

David Schafran

Debi Bush

Dina Moskowitz

Dona Keating

Doug Young

Douglas Grabowski

Drew Phelps

Ed Correia

Elvis Guštin

Eric Ligman

Eric Townsend

Eriq Neale

Gareth Brown

Gary Pica

George Sierchio

Greg Starks

Harry Brelsford

Hilton Travis

Ian Moyse

James Kernan

Jamison West

Jan Spring

Jay McBain

Jeannine Edwards

Jeff Dryall

Jeff Middleton

Jeff Shreeve

Jeremiah Ilges

Jerry Koutavas

Jim Muglia

Joe Hillis

John Iasiuolo

John Krikke

Josh Freifield

Josh Peterson

Joy Belinda Beland

Justin Moore

Karen Christian

Karen Guarino

Karl Palachuk

Keith Nelson

Kent McNall

Kevin Hoffman

Kevin Royalty

Kevin Weilbacher

Larry Doyle

Laurie McCabe

Lawrence Hsu

Lee Evans

Len DiCostanzo

Lenin Srinivasan

Leonard Dimiceli

Linda Brotherton

Mark Crall

Mark Hicks

Matt Makowicz

Matt Nachtrab

Meaghan Kelly

Michael Jenkin

Michael Reuben

Michelle Ragusa

Mitch Garvis

MJ Shoer

Nancy Williams

Ofer Shimrat

Oliver Sommer

Paul Dippell

Peter Sandiford

Ramon L. Garcia

Rayanne Buchianico

Richard Kenyon

Rick Bahl

Rob Rae

Robin Robins

Robyn Davis

Ryan Morris

Scott Barlow

Scott Cayouette

Scott Schreiman

Scott Scrogin

Sean Daniel

Sean Sweeney

Shari Godgart

Steve Copeland

Steve Harper

Steve Noel

Steven Banks

Steven Teiger

Stuart Crawford

Stuart Selbst

Suresh Ramani

Susan Bradley

Susanne Dansey

Ted Hulsy

Ted Roller

Tero Leskinen

Thomas Fox

Tim Barrett

Tim Beard

Todd Thibodeaux

Todd Nielsen

Travis Austin

Vlad Mazek

Wain Kellum

Walter Scott

Wayne Small

Zak Karsan

"This year's SMB 150 has been an energizing experience, so it's exciting to be able to finally share the results," said Harry Brelsford, Founder and Chairman of SMB Nation. "What struck me the most about this year's list is its inclusion of channel members from all over the world; it's a real reflection of the diversity and strength of our worldwide community."

A three-part process determined this year's list of SMB 150 influencers. The competition began with an open nominating process, followed by the SMB IT community voting on the nominees at In addition to the community vote, a panel of industry experts judged each nominee based on a variety of relevant areas. The community vote accounted for 40% of each nominee's overall rating, with the expert panel's decision contributing the remaining 60%.

The 150 winners will also be invited to join SMB Nation and SMBTN at a gala event in Los Angeles on May 16 at the Westin Bonaventure. In addition to complimentary dinner tickets, media coverage, personalized awards plaques, and recognition in the SMB Nation magazine, each honoree will also receive a complimentary 64 GB PlayBook, courtesy of BlackBerry, the title sponsor of the event. The live event will also be sponsored by Oki Data Americas and Quest Software.

"I encourage everyone in the SMB channel community to join me in celebrating the accomplishments of the men and women who made the SMB 150 list," said Brelsford. "Each and every one of them has spent countless hours growing our community and deserves every accolade we can give them. I can't wait to toast them in Los Angeles."

Published terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012 17:28 by Paleo


# re: SMB Top 150 novamente!@ terça-feira, 17 de abril de 2012 22:22

Grande Paleo, meus parabéns, você merece.

Deus te abençoe.

Roberto Silva

# re: SMB Top 150 novamente!@ quarta-feira, 18 de abril de 2012 9:28

Grande Roberto, muito obrigado amigão!


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